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Emily Biggins

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Morocco Travel Agent Specialist

This little piece of Northern Africa lies directly across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain. The mountainous country oozes with exotics and inspirations, bringing in travelers from all over the world to immerse themselves in the magic. I have bee...
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India Travel Agent Expert

 Heal and Restore in India Award winning retreats cover all disciplines of mindfulness from luxury spa experiences to Ayurveda and Naturopathic medical tourism to Yoga.Rejuvenate mind, body, and soul in India the birthplace of Yoga. Centuries old holistic healing secrets coupled with breathtaking nature experiences from the Himalayas to coastal Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Goa. India. Offerings range from detox, preventative, fitness, stress management to a various styles of Yoga. India is truly the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to travel. There is perhaps no destination that can boast of a greater diversity of experiences. The months I’ve spent traveling here have only ever left me craving more. I am always thrilled for the chance to share my love of this country with others! Home to nearly a fifth of humanity, the opportunities to explore culture here are truly endless. I think it serves the prospective traveler well to consider that what is now modern India was home to more than 500 Princely States, each with their own rich tapestry of unique histories, customs, and beliefs. In that sense India is in many ways as if all of Europe were one country. India can be overwhelming to approach for first time and repeat travelers alike, and that’s where I can really help you make the most of your experience. Are you interested in the history and architecture of India? Let me connect you with the most knowledgeable guides to get you into the places you would never normally see, from the back rooms of Rajasthani palaces in Jaipur, Jaisalmer or Jodhpur to lesser known temples like Ranakpur or the ancient ruins of Chittorgarh.Interested in the spiritual sites? You are truly spoiled for choices. At some 5,000 years old, Varanasi is the longest continuously inhabited city in South Asia. Not only is it the holiest city in all Hinduism, held to have been founded by Lord Shiva, it is also the site of the Buddha’s first sermon. Amritsar is the heart of Sikhism, while Rishikesh is the origin of the westward expansion of yoga, and Dharamsala serves as the home of the Dalai Llama in exile. Interested in India’s incredible nature and wildlife? With massive mountains, sprawling deserts, and lush tropical forests India is overflowing with natural riches. I have extensively toured scores of India’s most incredible national parks, where I’ve been lucky enough to see dozens of tigers in the wild, to say nothing of leopards, sloth bears, gaurs, and even hyenas. Let me help you find the best parks for what you’re after, at the best times, with the best guides.Want to stay in the finest properties, fit for a Raj? I am familiar firsthand with dozens of incredible Palaces, Luxury Camps, Boutique properties and lesser known gems across the subcontinent. Stay in the same rooms as royalty, or in places they’d never have known to go. Spoil yourself in some of the top rated hotels on Earth, and discover just what world class service can be!

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Just wow. Thankyou
This mother daughter “trip of a lifetime “ exceeded expectations! Emily put together a trip spanning 3 countries and 5 cities with all the transit in between and excursions, making each day an adventure we will always remember. First time I’ve ever used a travel agent so I was a little nervous, but I’ll use her again, no question!
By  Patricia Lang  from  Greenwich, CT
Traveled to  Europe
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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3 of 5 people found this review helpful
Amazing experience
First of all, what an amazing trip. A big shout out to My agent Emily. She was so beyond helpful in helping me plan My trip Japan. I am by no means a "booking Savy" person, but she was able to help me down to the last detail. I've been dying to see the true Japanese fish markets and they lived up to all of my expectations. I am a foodie by nature, so being able to get set up with an itinerary where food was the most important was a big plus. Emily gave me some great suggestions to set me on the right path to find some new favorites. By the way, Takoyaki is my new favorite snack.
By  Mark  from  Portand, OR
Traveled to  Japan ~ East and Southeast Asia
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Great Travel Agent
Emily planned our trip to Madrid. I cannot say enough good things about the service she provided! We had a slight mix-up with a planned tour, we messaged her, and she took care of it right away. If we had any questions, she was available by Facebook messenger almost immediately...
We are definitely going to use her again to plan a trip to Greece!
By  April K.  from  Charleston, SC
Traveled to  Spain ~ Europe
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Last minute travel agent was a success
My partner and I had been planning this trip for almost a year now but ended up finding Emily to help out and solidify it all. She not only made the whole experience a breeze but gave us great insight and suggestions for local attractions and tours. We DEFINITELY recommend contacting her for any future trips!
By  Rebecca Johnson  from  Raleigh, North Carolina
Traveled to  Tibet ~ China ~ East and Southeast Asia
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Honeymoon in Maui
My new husband and I recently got back our honeymoon in Maui and it was so much fun. The travel agent, Emily, fully understood what we were going for and gave us a great trip. She had told us about when she was in Maui and drove the road to Hana, and we followed her advice for stops along the way. The hotel was cozy, and Emily had gifted us chocolates on our pillows, too.
By  Bridgette Simmons  from  Portland, OR
Traveled to  Maui Island ~ Hawaii ~ USA
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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