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Iceland Travel Agent Specialist

Iceland is arguably my favorite destination as well as the safest and friendliest country in the world. I enjoy soaking in the Blue Lagoon, just one of many hot springs on the continent and near the small town of Reykjavik. You can take a road tri...
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Florida Travel Agent Specialist

The Sunshine Statement lives up to its name, as Florida has 237 days of sun per year. The other times, when it rains, you still can't feel its sunny vibes. The state spans over two time zones and its take over 12 hours to drive from Pensacola to Key West, so the state offers a lot in the way of sites and attractions. Packed with fun things to see and do, Florida offers easy access to two major gateway cities, Orlando, home to Disney World, and Miami. If you visit Miami for a week, I suggest including visits to the Florida Keys and the Everglades on your itinerary - a great way to immerse yourself in tropical Florida's scenery. If you plan a two-week trip to Florida, I might suggest an adventure that sweeps through North and Central Florida, adding Disney World, as part of the travel plan. While it is easy to drift on the water or spend time at the beach, you will also receive great rewards by setting aside the beach towel and exploring the Floridian landscape. The lush woodlands and rolling hillsides in northern Florida, along with colorful displays of azaleas and bougainvillea in the spring, shatter myths about the Florida terrain being sandy and flat. Wild areas, such as the Everglades, which harbor alligators, remind the adventure-seeker of the type of place Florida was before real estate entrepreneurs moved in to change the landscape. The oldest town in the US, St. Augustine, offers a wealth of historical buildings - giving trip-goers a glimpse of life, as it was in the 1700s. You might say that Florida is a state separated - one where the climate is temperate as well as tropical. While the roads in the North display stately oaks, palms in the south shade people from a subtropical sun. Northern Floridians tend to speak with a southern drawl while southern residents communicate in both Spanish and English. Florida is a lovely and interesting state, one that is full of diversity, culturally and historically. As your travel agent and advisor for Florida, I can promise you a vacation that will be one you will never forget. Contact me today for further details. Email or phone me at your convenience. 

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