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There are many places in the world that can be described as paradise. But until you have been to Jamaica, you cannot possibly know the exhilaration of a tropical vacation. That is why I love representing this island country as a travel agent advisor.  

This is a country that has everything – from the red earth on one side, the palm trees on another, and the crystal clear water of its rivers and streams in yet another place. It is a land of unending beauty – lush green jungle, blue lagoons, and snow-capped mountains.  There is also something about this island that makes it very special. Maybe it is the warm and friendly people; or perhaps it’s because Jamaica has all the right ingredients to make any vacation perfect! Let’s take a look at why you should visit this island paradise on your next vacation.The weather is perfect

One of the things you will notice about Jamaica is that the weather is perfect – all year round! You can visit Jamaica any time of the year and you will love being there.  During the summer, June to August, you can enjoy the warmth of the sun, and the pleasant temperature stays between 23 and 32 degrees Celsius 73 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit).  In the winter months, December to February, the weather is warm, but not too hot. The temperatures remain between 21 degrees Celsius and 31 degrees Celsius (69 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit).  During the monsoon season, between June and August, you might get a little bit of rain, but it is warm enough to enjoy the rest of your vacation. The only time the weather might be a problem is between December and February. This is the period of the Caribbean hurricane season, although resorts are built to withstand the winds.

There is so much to do

Whatever your interests are, you can be sure that there will be something to do in Jamaica. If you are a nature lover, you can go hiking, or explore the many waterfalls and caves. You can go bird watching and see the many species of birds that visit the island as well.  Are you interested in history? If so, you can visit the many forts and ruins left behind by the British and Spanish colonialists. Or you can visit museums and art galleries to learn about Jamaican culture.  If you are interested in sports, you can visit golf courses, or go surfing, scuba diving, or deep sea fishing.  Do you like to shop? If so, there are many markets that sell textiles, crafts, wood carvings, and similar local items.  You can also enjoy  reggae music and learn more about the Rastafarian culture, or visit the Bob Marley museum.  Because there is so much to do in Jamaica, you will not run out of things to do.

Breathtaking scenery's

Visiting the Blue Mountains in Jamaica is like going to a different world. It is a breathtaking place. The rich blue color of the water at the Blue Lagoon is something you will remember for the rest of your life. The largest lagoon on the island, the Blue Lagoon reflects varying shades of blue - all that change depending on the time of day. You can snorkel, bathe, or take a raft tour over this body of water. You can even take a glass-bottom boat ride on the river if you’d like. The cascading waterfalls of Dunn’s River, the rich green tropical vegetation of the Northern Gardens, and the contrast of the rust-red earth of the South Coast are just some of the many scenic excursions you will enjoy in Jamaica.  There are many places in Jamaica that are UNESCO World Heritage sites as well, such as the Crow Mountains and Dunn’s River Falls.

Delicious Jamaican food

You can eat almost anything in Jamaica, but you will definitely have to try the local Jamaican food. There are many kinds of Jamaican food, with the most popular being jerk chicken, curried goat, oxtail and rice and peas, ackee, and saltfish. You can eat these foods at the many restaurants or food joints or the island, or you can learn to cook these popular dishes yourself. The food can be sweet, savory, or spicy - just as you like it.

You can see sharks

One of the great places to see sharks in Jamaica is at Treasure Reef at the Dolphin Cover in Ochos Rios. This marine encounter allows you to see the shark, one of the most fearsome and fascinating sea creatures on the globe.

It’s a great place to relax

Jamaica is the perfect place to relax. You can visit the many spas and health centers in the island, and unwind and relax, or you can visit one of the island’s hot springs. If you are interested in yoga and meditation, you will find it on the island as well. You also have access to swim spas.


If you are looking for a place to visit that is warm and sunny, has the perfect weather all year round, has many things to do, and is the perfect place to relax, then Jamaica is the place for you!  To plan your trip, allow me, as your travel agent specialist, to take care of all the details. Let’s begin planning your getaway. 

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