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Do you dream of basking in the sun on a Cancun beach, sipping a Margarita, or listening to the soft hum of a tropical breeze? If so, I can help you make your travel dream come true, as I specialize in vacations to Cancun and its incredible beaches...
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Being a Bahamas travel agent professional makes me realize how traveling to this location is one bucket list escape that you don’t want to miss. Every time I book a trip or escape to the islands, I always find the experience as sensational as it is rewarding. The Bahamas, with their stunning beaches, turquoise waters, consistent sunshine, laid-back atmosphere, and countless opportunities for diving, snorkeling, boating, and fishing, have long been recognized as one of the world's most popular destinations for both sun-seekers and adventurers alike.  Indeed, more than three million tourists come to the islands each year, the vast majority of them taking part in outdoor activities or to soak up the sun.  However, that won’t prevent you from finding your own peaceful piece of paradise whenever you want it or from getting a sense for Bahamian culture beneath and beyond the glitz. The Bahamas are an archipelago that begins about 55 miles east of Miami and consists of over seven hundred islands, 40 of which are inhabited, as well as a slew of smaller cays (pronounced "keys") that are uninhabited.  Unlike some of its Caribbean neighbors, the islands provide a diverse selection of accommodations, ranging from luxurious high-end resorts to rustic lodges, catering to travelers with a variety of preferences and financial means.  It is definitely worth it to go to multiple islands in the Bahamas in order to absorb more of the region's culture. Despite the fact that they are geographically and culturally similar, each island has its own individual personality and set of attractions.  Although traveling by aircraft is the most expedient method of getting about, a voyage aboard a government mailboat, fast ferry, or hired yacht is a pleasant travel experience. The name “Bahamas” is derived from the Spanish phrase baja mar, which translates to "shallow sea” - an apt description of most of the waters around the isles. The Bahamas have a population of around 321,000.  Despite the fact that the islands gained independence from the United Kingdom on July 10, 1973, Queen Elizabeth II remains the country's head of state, and iis represented in Nassau by a governor general.  It is estimated that tourism generates almost sixty percent of the country's total revenue, which is a comparatively high - $16,000 on average per capita income.  The Yellow Elder flower is the national flower of the Bahamas, and the lignum vitae, sometimes known as the tree of life, is the country's national tree.  The islands of New Providence or Grand Bahama, which are two of the world's most cosmopolitan resorts, offer great vacation packages. In addition, a visit to the Out Islands gives guests the opportunity to see an authentic fishing village and get a peek of Bahamian life outside of pre-packaged travel offerings. It is easy to immerse yourself in the Bahamas' fascinating combination of colonial and African culture and history, regardless of where you happen to land.  For example, Nassau presents an annual Junkanoo festival, fueled by African drumming and flamboyant costumes beside stately colonial edifices.  In addition to multiple sailing regattas,  the islands frequently come to life with seaside fish fries and the sounds of rake 'n' scrape, a form of music that is distinctively Bahamian in origin. The ocean, as you might guess, is also a major attraction.  While some of the islands are surrounded by deeper oceanic troughs, the majority of the sea, as noted, comprises shallow, crystal-clear water - water that reflects a light turquoise hue during the daytime hours. As your Bahamian travel agent, I promise to make your next vacation magical. Give me a call now and let’s begin preparing for your Bahamas holiday.

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Everything was perfect! The price, location, property, and amenities were exactly what i asked for. This all happened within 2weeks. Debora Lee was knowledgeable, pays attention to detail and provides all the information to ease international travel.
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