Bishop Lenard McCray

Detriot , MI

Family Destination Travel Agent Professional

For more than 20 years I have traveled to different cities to learn more about how people share their culture, stories and experiences. Now I am coming to you to explore the world of travel and enjoy all kinds of experiences and cultures not only across the continental United States, but also across the world! From the sandy beaches of the Caribbean coast to the peaceful beaches of the Eastern Coastal seaboard, from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic coast, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Alaskan Glaciers, there is something incredible that awaits your eyes. Come and see all the amazing sights and places that the world has to offer! You can also plan your business travel with me and save money by bundling your travel plans with me. You will be amazed at how much you can save by taking the time to plan ahead with me. Give me a call today at 313-924-1237 and plan your getaway today!

My Travel Specialties

Disneyland Travel Agent Expert

Disneyland in California, often referred to as "The Happiest Place on Earth," is a realm of enchantment and childhood dreams brought to life. My recent adventure to this iconic theme park was a magical journey filled with beloved characters, thrilling rides, and the timeless wonder that only Disney...
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Disney Travel Agent Specialist

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is a place where dreams come to life, and the magic of childhood reignites. My recent trip to this enchanting destination was an unforgettable adventure filled with beloved characters, thrilling rides, and immersive experiences. Join me as I recount my journey...
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Cruise Travel Agent Specialist

Embarking on a cruise is like setting sail on a voyage of luxury, relaxation, and exploration. It's an opportunity to disconnect from the world and immerse yourself in the beauty of the open sea, all while experiencing the amenities and entertainment that a cruise ship has to offer. Join me as I recount...
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Atlanta Travel Agent Specialist

Atlanta, the vibrant capital of Georgia, is a city steeped in history, culture, and southern charm. Nestled in the heart of the American South, it offers a unique blend of old-world elegance and modern innovation. I recently had the opportunity to embark on a memorable trip to Atlanta, and in this...
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Las Vegas Travel Agent Advisor

Las Vegas, known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, is a city that needs no introduction. My recent trip to this dazzling desert oasis was an exhilarating journey filled with vibrant nightlife, world-class entertainment, and a taste of the surreal. From the moment I arrived, I was swept away...
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Mackinac Island Travel Agent Expert

Nestled in the pristine waters of Lake Huron, Mackinac Island stands as a tranquil oasis untouched by time. My recent trip to this enchanting island was a journey to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and immerse myself in the island's natural beauty, Victorian charm, and a slower pace of...
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New Orleans Travel Agent Specialist

New Orleans, the very name conjures up images of vibrant jazz music, delectable Creole cuisine, and the infectious energy of the French Quarter. My recent trip to this enchanting city was a journey of discovery, filled with history, culture, and unforgettable experiences. From the moment I arrived,...
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Mardi Gras 2023

Destination Expert:

  • Disneyland
  • Walt Disney World
  • Atlanta
  • New Orleans
  • Mackinac Island
  • Las Vegas
  • Caribbean
  • Michigan
  • Anaheim
  • Orlando
  • Baton Rouge
  • Reno
  • California
  • Kissimmee
  • Miami
  • Lafayette
  • Detroit
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Puerto Rico
  • Los Angeles
  • Lake Buena Vista
  • Shreveport
  • Traverse City
  • Laughlin
  • Florida
  • Nevada
  • Hollywood
  • Port Allen
  • Sault Sainte Marie
  • Galveston

Travel Specialist:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Cruises
  • Disney Vacations
  • Entertainment
  • Family Vacations
  • Sporting Events
  • All Inclusive
  • Culinary & Foodie
  • Destination Weddings
  • Historical Sites
  • Theatre & Music
  • Theme Parks
  • Hosted Cruises
  • Museums
  • Sailing & Boating
  • Holiday Travel
  • Nightlife
  • Outdoor Activities & Sports
  • Casinos & Gambling
  • Shopping

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